Sunday, June 5, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Episode Thirteen...Kinda

Drat, wrote my post, then went to sign up and there is no SSS this week! So, this is an "Unofficial Six".  Anyone else do a "Six" this week?  Let me know by commenting and I'll be sure to visit! Remember, every Sunday (except this one), you can read other great snippets written by the talented writers who participate in Six Sentence Sunday by clicking HERE.

To read from the beginning of this scene in RESET, click HERE.

I watched her swallow uncomfortably. Then she smiled. It was tentative, but it still lit up the room.

“I'm Lillian Young.” She extended a hand over the counter. “But please call me Lilly. Lillian sounds like someone's grandmother.”

I looked at her hand, hovering in space, but made no move to take it. “I know who you are,” I said, and slid the wrapped packet towards her.

Happy Sunday all!


  1. Eeek, that last line would scare the pants off me! She's just not going to let this go, is she?

  2. Well, that's quite the greeting! I look forward to reading more. :)