Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Episode Twelve

YIKES!  Sorry all.  I am not sure my writerly dreams will come to fruition this year - at least this spring / summer.  Darn day job!  Busy, busy with whopping marketing reports for two clients...Well, you could say writing a marketing report is sort of similar to fiction writing!

I'm back with SSS.  However, I won't be able to comment until probably Monday and I can't wait to see what I missed!

Continuing in RESET - the Butcher Shop scene.  To read the whole scene since Episode One, click HERE.

She tried to cross her arms in front of her, but her parka was so bulky, she gave up, letting her hands slide into the pockets instead. “I find old memories fascinating,” she said.

“Do you.” I had meant it to sound like a question.

“Yes,” she said, still defensive. “Who doesn't?”

“I don't.”

And the mystery deepens...Thanks to all who continue to stop by, even when I can't be as dedicated a Blogger as I'd like. 
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Episode Eleven

From RESET (of course).  Continuing where we left off last week, still Lewis Hunter's POV. If you're interested in reading this scene from the very beginning, go HERE.

She pushed herself away from the counter, away from me.
"I just wondered because I've never seen any photos of this place in the archives,” she said.

“Archives?” I frowned.
“The Martinsburg Historical Society.”
Now my smile felt so ironic, I was sure she would notice. “A history buff, are you?”

The Martinsburg Historical Society HQs, right beside Belle Boyd House and across the street from the historic B&O Roundhouse.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun with Word Verifications #2

This WV came from the comment form from the first blog I visited this morning.  DNA Writers (Friday's post - about ideas and where they come from).  It hit home for me, as I have several "to finish" books on my to read shelf that I refuse to read until I've finished revising RESET.  One is Lauren Kate's Fallen series.  I read the back blurb and immediately shelved it.  NO, there is not a fallen angel in site in RESET, but the premise was a little close, and I don't need anything to demotivate me from finishing my damn revisions!

OK, the WV Norapiqu sounded South American, perhaps like an ancient Mayan word, so here goes....

"Oh my God," Karin's voice full of awe.  "Where did you get this?"  The stone tablet was ancient, covered in moss and worn nearly smooth, but she could still make out the familiar square glyphs.

"Norapiqu."  Jeff pronounced his translation like Nora pick you.  "I found it in the cave."

It was ninety-five degrees in the jungle, with one hundred percent humidity, yet Karin shuddered.  Goosebumps lifted the hairs along the back of her arms.  "Do me a favor," she said.  "Don't go back in there."

"Why?"  Jeff's question was innocent.  He had no idea what he had discovered, no idea what the word meant.  And why would he?  They didn't teach ancient Mayan curses in Archaeology 101.

Go have fun with your WV's today!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Episode Ten

Continuing in RESET...
Lewis Hunter is desperately hoping that Lilly won't recognize him...

Disclaimer - this is sorta more than 6 sentences, but it was hard to break the thoughts and dialogue, so I left them together, and I would HATE to leave you all hanging LOL!

“Have you really been around since 1934?” she asked. 

My smile faltered.

Her next sentences tumbled out in a rush.  “The sign out front says…I mean, of course you haven't! Maybe a grandfather? Great-Uncle?” The words tripped over each other, left her cheeks flushed pink.
No questions! "My grandfather." I held my breath.

“Oh. That makes sense," she said, but continued to study me, her face a picture of perplexity.  She leaned in, as if for closer inspection, and I stepped back, fearing what I'd do if she crossed that line I'd drawn - the one that kept her safe.
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Next week:  Things might get answered...or they might not!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Episode Nine

Continuing in RESET.

Last week, we left Lewis Hunter speculating who the third steak was for.

Outside the shop, a car's horn sounded and we both turned, instinctively orienting ourselves to the obnoxious sound.

As soon as I saw the Porsche parked in front of the shop, my eyes bugged. “Nice car.”

“It's not mine,” she clarified, too quickly. 

Boyfriend’s car. The brown paper tore a little under my hand.

“You're not Melvin Hunter, are you?” she blurted next.

I managed a smile. "No."

Her mouth thinned, lips pressed together in frustration.
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