Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finished my cut!

And what a MESS! I have 300+ pages of chopped up manuscript, taped to blank pages with scrawl up and down the margins and spilling onto the backs....What a daunting thing Type-In will be!

Apparently, the next phase of the course is to go through the manuscript for cosmetic improvement. However, I cannot think where I would make any more changes! I have decided to waiver a bit from the HTRYN course and read (out loud to my dogs - they are great listeners, and I am not ready for hard critique yet!) about 25 pages per day, making my cosmetic changes, checking against my themes and promises and laundry list of "important things to remember" etc. as I go along. Then the next day, I will do the type in for those 25 pages. That way, I just might be able to read the darn thing when I'm through! Also, I can type "cool" without reading (and second guessing) the work I did during read-through.

Tuscarora Presbyterian Church, Martinsburg, WV - the graveyard where the hero is NOT buried...Oops, no spoilers yet!

It is getting exciting, being this close to finishing. I wonder what it will feel like when I send my first agent query? I know, I know...Only about 30% of what is received by agents' gatekeepers even make it to the agent's desk...But I am doing my research and will write a kick-a_ _ query!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting There!

So long since my last post!

I have been plugging away at my revision - it is no easy task, requiring equal parts inspiration and ruthlessness. I have added a lot...I have cut a LOT! I am still cutting....(Lesson 17 of HTRYN). I wish I could have sat down and completed the cut in a week; it's so hard to keep track of the latest and greatest cool things that I am adding or cutting. I have added post it notes to the cut pages to tie in with the "Laundry List" (List of 'How Stuff Works' in the world of Reset, the world of Lewis and Lilly...Oops! Just gave something away!) When I do my type in, I will (hopefully) be able to keep everything straight!

The old haunted 'Hunter House' (Reset)

Meanwhile, I am reading every issue of Writer's Digest cover to cover in an attempt to learn more about the industry. I really don't want to sound like the Newbie I am when I write my first Query letter (my heart flutters at the thought).

Today beginning scene 57 (out of 88) and hopefully will have my cut completed in another couple of weeks.