Sunday, March 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

I stumbled across this blog a couple of weeks ago. It's not really a contest, per say, but more a place to share and comment on little snippets of writing. And hey, we can all learn from each other. Though I am not sure how to participate officially, I thought I might participate unofficially, just for fun.

I am struggling to keep up with writing, social networking, our farm and animals and a new job, but I hope I'll get back into the groove again when I've got my new routine down. (Gah, someone please give me Twitter tips - I really, really suck at Twitter!) In the meantime, this will be an easy way to ensure at least a weekly blog post!

This week's Six Sentence Sunday "entry" is from RESET (currently undergoing huge rewrite #3). This one tells us something about Lewis Hunter, the hero (who in my head looks exactly like Alex Pettyfer *swoon*).

Melvin Hunter’s Butcher Shop, established 1934, was both haven and prison.

It was a haven for my anonymity; this was not a place a girl like Lilly took a second glance at a man. Even if she ever set foot inside the door, which was about as likely as me turning vegan, she would just see a guy in a green ball cap and a bloodstained apron.

It was a prison for the very same reason, and I was on self-directed lockdown. At least I had an unlimited supply of steak. Yesterday, I hadn’t even bothered cooking it at all.

Thanks for reading! Hey, why not give Six Sentence Sunday a try yourself? Comment and link your SSS below!


  1. Nice!

    I think Alex Pettyfer's making the rounds LOL.

    I hope you keep participating :) When you want to "officially" participate, the SSS blog opens for links on...Wednesdays...? They use a linkys thing to create their list. Just follow the prompts and you're set!

  2. Great six sentences! A lot packed in there. A good "hook."

  3. Lexcade: I know! But honestly, he's perfect :) Will try and participate for real maybe this week.

    Anne: Thanks!

  4. Excellent first sentence. I'm a sucker for a good first sentence, though I can't seem to produce them myself, lol.

    I see a pretty little Bookshelf Muse blog button in your sidebar ;). Thanks so much for that!

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

  5. Have you seen the site, The Page 99 Test? It's kind of neat--you can post your 99th page and others rate it and say whether they'd keep reading, and sometimes offer feedback. You can also read other people's 99th page and read & rate them.

    Warning tho--it can be addictive!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  6. Becca, thanks! I have written more openings than I know what to do with...Not sure where they'll all go :) Bookshelf muse is the first site in my favorites bar; I basically have it open when I'm writing!

  7. Great voice in just six sentences--good job!

  8. Angela, thanks for the link. I signed up. Yet another way to procrastinate! :)