Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Episode Three

So I have not done very well this week on Twitter or Facebook or blogging. However I did get other stuff accomplished and I managed 1000 words every morning on my rewrite of RESET.

Celebrate the little wins, right?

I learned that my first 25 (again, RESET) ended up as Runner Up (4th out of the 5 finalists) in the NTRWA Great Expectations Contest. I could let myself be disappointed with not "placing", especially when I was hoping to be able to at least write "contest winner" in my Query Bio instead of nothing!
(I read on an agent blog - of course can't find the link now -that (agents) don't want to see "my manuscript was runner up in the such and such contest", they want to see "my manuscript won the such and such contest". Not sure how true that is?)
However, for my first stab at a novel, and with zero writing credentials and learning about craft as I bumble along, I'm pretty proud! The Great Expectations contest organizers informed me that there were a record number of entries in my category (Specialized), and that the competition was fierce.

But yeah. I'm so entering more contests!

Okay, on to Six Sentence Sunday! Don't forget to browse through all the other participants' entries. Go HERE for list. Who knows? Perhaps' you'll catch a glimpse of a future million dollar best seller!

Last week, Lewis Hunter (a half human, half... )was just about to serve an unknown customer in his butcher shop. Read back two weeks to see the beginning of Lewis' story.

A woman bundled in hat and scarf was leaning over the refrigerated display case. “What do you suggest?” she asked, turning.

And suddenly my haven was no longer safe.

A hundred images flipped through my mind like an insanely-paced slide show. Lilly lying beside me on the little pebbled beach by the river; Lilly laughing as she chased her dog, trying to pry a ball from his jaws; Lilly standing on tiptoe so she could reach my lips.

Lilly dying.

Happy reading and writing!


  1. Very intriguing six! Really enjoyed it.

  2. Lily dying----oh, what a way to set the scene.

  3. YAY! TIMMIES! Oh, sorry, right, *good lines* but yay! TIMMIES!

    (at this point, all non-Canadians are wondering what the hell I'm talking about ;) )

  4. Yes Krista, what are you talking about? lol
    Great snippet, chilling!

  5. Oh, nice hook. Makes me want to learn more.

  6. I wonder how she triggered the memories. Great six.

  7. Oh, wow, what a great line to end on.

  8. Wow! There is so much emotion tucked into those few sentences.

  9. I am dying to know what triggered that flashback!

  10. Thanks everyone! I'm really enjoying writing this story!

  11. Congrats on the 1000 words.

    So you're becoming a contest junkie, are you? ;) I've only entered one, but that was to get feedback. I didn't care if I placed.