Monday, October 18, 2010

Trip to visit my setting...In person!

At the end of September, 2010, nearly 2 years after I wrote my first scene in Reset, I made the drive to Martinsburg, West Virginia, where the story is set. My main concern was that, once I had actually visited the town, I would feel it didn't actually work for my story. I was relieved to find that it did. Very well, in fact.

So why did I choose this town? History.

I needed a town that had a lot of it, preferably interesting and violent (like war) and with a lot of old architecture and restored mansions. An initial Google search pointed me to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, where a heap of Civil War battles took place. Now while the town has no legends of _ a _ _ _ _ _ _ per say - not that Reset is about _a_ _ _ _ _ _, not entirely - it would be easy to imagine them living quietly in such a place, where beautiful public buildings are flanked by mysterious blank offices, tattoo shops fancy 'Chocolatiers' and buildings rich in Civil War intrigue. I took a lot of photos, so I could remember the feeling of the town.

Tuscarora graveyard in person! Love the falling down wall beyond this old headstone....Lots of potential to work that into the story!

Tuscarora again.

The Martinsburg Historical Society HQs, right beside Belle Boyd House and across the street from the historic B&O Roundhouse.

The real "Across the tracks".

King Street, I think.

Martinsburg High School.

The Young Residence. Actually have no idea who lives here, but the neighborhood, aptly labeled "Boomtown" was dotted with mansions like this. Plus, it was close enough to the highway that it would make sense for a busy City Hospital doctor to live here. Also very close to downtown and historic Main Street. All in all, it works very well!

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