Sunday, October 31, 2010

FInished Type In !

The cutting room floor

Well, it sure took me a long time. It's so easy to become distracted from the task of revision, when there are other stories developing in my head, just itching to be written. However, if I want to keep the dream alive - the dream of becoming published (hopefully? someday?), I need to learn better discipline!

I am so excited about the finished product; it IS a book I would want to read, and that, apparently, is half the battle...Getting that awesome story that lives in your head to resemble the same story once it's on paper. It truly is a skill!

Next up, a final check on Promises and Timelines, Theme and the like. And then (gulp) to research possible agents to query. So exciting, yet so daunting! With such a small percentage of manuscripts ever making it to print, it is so easy to become discouraged.

I'll also start posting some of the scenes that were cut. They weren't necessarily cut because they 'sucked' (although some do so thoroughly I think I must have been sick with fever when I wrote them) but mostly because they didn't keep up with the pace of the story. They might give you a taste of the characters. Hopefully, you'll fall in love with them as I have.


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