Thursday, February 3, 2011

Find Your Dream Crit Partner...Maybe?

If you're like me... A writer struggling somewhere between Rank Beginner (defined by me as a writer working on the first draft of their very first work) and published author (no matter how far along that road you are) you know how important it is to get fresh eyes to look at your writing. Let's face it, it ain't easy getting the story on paper to match that epic work of awesomeness that's in your head.

Here's where a crit partner can be your best friend... Or your worst enemy. Or a little bit of both. But regardless which side of that fence you sit on, you have to admit, critiques are NECESSARY.

But you need to find a partner you click with. Preferably someone who also writes (and reads) in your genre, and preferably someone who is a better writer than you are.

Throughout my rewrites of RESET, I've had various critters and Betas. But the one that showed me what a useful critique should look and feel like (to me) was a first page crit I won in a contest put on by the folks over at Bookshelf Muse (and they have several useful posts of crit groups on their blog too. Click here to read them).

Night and Day. So, I am on a mission to find a crit partner.

I'm thinking at this point that a sort of online dating service for finding partners would be useful. You know, like or something. (Okay, that URL could go SO many ways, but you get the idea.)

And then, while browsing my favorite blogs, what do I find?

Over at the Between Fact and Fiction blog, YA author Nathalie Whipple is running a Crit Partner Classified. Go over and check it out. I've sent in my request via email (click on her picture to go to her blogger profile and find her email address). I didn't lie or try to make my manuscript sound tall dark and handsome when really, it's maybe only 5'9" and possibly slightly bald.

Who knows? Maybe I'll find my perfect match!


  1. Networking on the WWW is great! I agree about the crit partner.

    Great post!

  2. I found my critique partner through the Critters website. I critiqued a story of hers and we got discussing things...and now, six years later, we're both published and still critique partners! I think the key to our long association (in addition to our friendship) is that our strengths are complementary, while our goals are very similar.

  3. Good luck! Finding the right critique partners, I think, is the hardest part. I try to just trust my instincts.

  4. I actually gave the entire ms to a friend who's not a writer (well, she is published in Marketing Journals LOL), but an avid reader and wow! She gave me an AWESOME crit. Far more and better than I expected. And a lot of the stuff she commented on was already being rewritten - both our ideas just matched! Don't think I'll be able to return the favor and crit her business articles though :)