Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have a gorgeous office...

Complete with a huge wraparound desk and hutch, two walls of windows overlooking fields and a pond, a wall of custom, built in filing cabinets and drawers with dog paw print shaped pewter knobs (so cute), an oak floor, recessed lighting, a big flat computer screen, an ergonomic leather chair, a private phone line...

Yet I find myself doing all of my writing on a pathetic little netbook in my basement, sitting on a hard antique chair and surrounded by swirling dogs, floating dust bunnies and poor lighting.


Is it a) because I logged countless hours doing very non creative things in that office? b) because it saps my creative energy? or c) do I just prefer to be surrounded by muddy dogs?

Where do you do most of your writing? Do you do your revising in the same place?


  1. At my desk. I love my desk. I used to write all the time at the kitchen table but then Hubby made me a great writing space in our bedroom, and I LOVE IT. Love it.

    Now when I cook or have meals there, I don't have to clean off the kitchen table. Love, love, love my new writing space.

    You can see it here:

  2. wherever and whenever i can. i don't have a set space. my apartment doesn't allow for that sort of thing. so it's one of three typical options:

    my couch

    my boyfriend's couch


    and yeah, the revisings happen in the same places.

    i really want a desk. or a writing nook. just a nook would be wonderful :D

    and my word verification was a pun: thyming

  3. Mostly, I do my writing with a laptop pulled onto my lap in a comfy chair in the living room. I prefer sitting outdoors on the laptop when possible, but I live in Indiana so there are plenty of days when it's not possible.

    I like the idea of writing at a desk, but in the end I prefer the intimacy of having the laptop right up on me, and even when I have a desk I usually end up kicking my feet up on it and pulling the laptop down.

    A dedicated writing space would be nice, though, to help me get in the right mindset.